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    We often get asked what sets THB apart from other bakeries, so I thought it might be beneficial to write a post about how we are different from all the bakeries out there and how to spot if a bakery you want to purchase from is licensed, and has all the required paperwork and tests


    We started THB because we couldn’t find biscuits that were super cute and nutritious at the same time! A lot of bakeries use products such as whole wheat flour which unfortunately has wheat in it, which automatically eliminates a lot of dogs who might be allergic to wheat. 

    Here are a few of the main reasons as to why you might want to order from us:

    • Our biscuits and doughnuts are made to order and sent out to our pupstomers on weekly basis (every tuesday)

    • Our baked goods are made from organic, human grade ingredients

    • We only use natural dyes in our icing (such as beetroot and spinach powders)

    • We source our icing from a UK APHA approved supplier (which means that we don’t need an APHA approval ourselves since we’re not using dairy, eggs or honey in our bakes)

    • We use ingredients such as chia, flax and hemp seed in all of our bakes as they are nutritious and have many health benefits

    • We are just now introducing a new ingredient - chamomile - which also has many health benefits (you can read more about the benefits of our ingredients here)

    • We use no preservatives, salt, sugars or additives in our biscuits

    • Our doughnuts are wheat and gluten free

    • Our biscuits are wheat, grain and gluten free

    • We have a vegan range on our website

    • All of our bakes have been lab tested and approved

    • We are registered with our local Trading Standards and are fully insured and licensed

    • We create new themed treats and subscription boxes each month (a new collection launches on the 1st of each month)

    • We try and tailor our recipes to each dog’s needs

    • Do you or your pup have a peanut allergy? Let us know as we offer peanut-free options on all of our products

    • Our biscuits are soft and suitable for puppies and senior dogs who might have issues with chewing food

    • We plant a tree for every order

    • We donate £1 towards a wildlife charity for any product bought from our 'Precious Planet' collection

    • We have a rewards system where you collect stickers and claim rewards

    • We have Level 3 in Pet Nutrition, Level 3 in Canine Nutrition and are currentfly completing a Level 4 in Pet Nutrition 

    There's so many bakeries out there that are selling biscuits without having the right credentials. Did you know that a bakery has to have a DEFRA/APHA approval if they use dairy, eggs or honey in their bakes? If you can't find their DEFRA approval number on their website, simply ask them for it and if they can't provide you with one - then they haven't had their bakes tested and they're not DEFRA/APHA which means they don't have the right lab tests and approvals to sell their baked goods.

    I can see new dog bakeries openeing almost on a monthly basis, and I just think it's important that we all know what to look out for before we order from them. If you ever have any queries, message them - I'm sure most bakery owner's (like myself) will be more than happy to help and provide you with any details you might need before making the decision to purchase from us ❤

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