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    Hello and welcome to The Healthy Barkery (THB)!!

    I thought that it might be a good idea to finally introduce myself, so...

    Hi, my name is Paulina and I am a 24 (almost 25) Polish girl living in Hartlepool, UK with my partner Jacob and my two pups, Atlas and Odin

    I was born in Poland and then moved to Northern Ireland at the age of 8. When I turned 19 and finished A Levels, I moved to England to peruse my passion and study Interior Design at De Montfort University, Leicester

That’s also where I met Jake (although we technically met online 3 years prior to us meeting in person). The pandemic happened in 2020, which was actually my final year of university and that’s when I started getting into social media and digital marketing 👩🏽‍💻

    After graduation, it has been a challenge to find a job in the interior design industry, so I decided to set up my own digital marketing agency where I helped small businesses grow on Social Media

    In May ‘21 I found a job in the marketing industry, and I am currently still working there - I work as a Social Media Manager full time (and work on THB in the eveninigs and on the weekend)

    I started THB in December 2021, as I couldn't find a dog bakery that focused on creating cute and yummy biscuits for dogs that were also healthy and nutritious

    After weeks of researching into dog friendly ingredients (that were also suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies, puppies, senior dogs...) I started creating a recipe for the biscuits - which took far longer than I thought - but after a few more weeks, I had all the recipes ready and was super excited to launch!!

    People often ask me if I have any experience in this field, and I am happy to share that I do in fact have a Level 3 in Canine Nutrition and a Level 3 in Pet Nutrition - both completed in 2022

    I am currently doing a Level 4 in Pet Nutrition with hopes that it will help me explore and learn more about dogs, their nutrition and needs as I want to make sure that our products are as healthy as they could be!

    In December 2020, I caught Covid, and since then I have been battling Long-Covid on a daily basis. It is not something I speak about often as people usually start feeling sympathetic towards me, which is the opposite of what I want 

    I just felt like I needed to share that, as that's one of the reasons I made this bakery - I needed to find something that helped me feel a bit more human while dealing with this chronic pain


    • I LOVE Christmas 🎄

    • Autumn 🍂 is my favourite season

    • I love reading 📚

    • I recently got into doing my own gel nails
    • I can speak Polish and English, and basic French

    • My dream is to visit New York

    • I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine 

    • I love travelling and learning about different cultures

    • Love listening to murder podcasts 

    Oh, I almost forgot - I also run a dog focused blog called 'Toe Beans and Fluffy Tails' where I post tips on puppyhood, enrichment, nutrition and more! So make sure to check it out

    I think that's it! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better as I personally love learning about the face behind a business ♡

    Until next time,
    Paulina x


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