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     What’s your name: Sully

    What’s your Instagram username: @sully.thegoldboy 

    When’s your birthday: 3rd April 2022

    What breed are you: Golden Retriever 

    Favourite colour: Green or blue 

    Favourite toy: a monkey toy I’ve had since I was a pup, but I’ve ripped all of the stuffing out and love to carry the empty carcass around 🙈

    What’s something you’re afraid of: fireworks and barking muntjac deer 

    What’s a bad habit of yours: whipping the cats in the face with my wagging tail and resting my head on my parents laps under the table when they’re eating 

    What’s the naughtiest thing you have done? Squeezed through the cat flap on the stair gate and scoffed the cat poo, mum says she doesn’t know how I can still fit through 

    Do you have a nickname: Sullivernon/Vernon/Vernie - my parents are weird 🙈 

    Share a funny story or a fun fact about you: if I don’t get my way I vocally disapprove, I do a little howl or groan, mum and dad can’t help but laugh when I do it 🤭

    What’s your favourite THB treat: the big iced donuts 🤤 



    What’s your name: Kia

    How did you choose your dog’s name (does it have a meaning): we just thought it was a cute name 

    What is the best thing about your dog: how friendly and cuddly he is to everyone he meets and how adaptable he is - he’s always down for a cuddle on the sofa but equally as happy to go for a long countryside walk or a trip to the garden centre or pub - he’s always happy as long as he’s with his parents 

    What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner: honestly just the thought of them not being here anymore, I worry about Sully’s passing way more than I should considering he’s only a puppy 🥺 

    What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner: seeing the progress that Sully makes in training, he’s a very clever boy and picks up on things super fast, it still shocks me now how quick and willing he is to learn! 

    I also love having a little best friend following me wherever I go, I couldn’t imagine life without Sully ♥️

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