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    What’s your name: Buzz 🚀
    What’s your age: soon to be 1 (20th May!) 🎂
    What breed are you: Sprocker Spaniel
    Favourite colour: blue 💙
    Favourite toy: chewy bone 🦴
    What’s something you’re afraid of: the hoover! 😱
    What’s a bad habit of yours: an expert sock thief - the laundry basket can’t stop my nose! 🧦

    What’s the naughtiest thing you have done: chewed my hoomums brand new jacket before the label had come off and my hoodads ted baker jumper…. (I was still very young and they were in grabbing distance!) 🤦🏼‍♀️

    Do you have a nickname: Buzz Boy, Baby Buzz, Shmoo, little 💩, Crab, Buzzmo

    Share a funny story or a fun fact about you: 2 of my brothers live around the corner from me! I was a litter of 10 originally and my 2 brothers; Freddy and Ralph, live in the same area so we get to see and play with each other a lot - triple the trouble! 🐶🐶🐶

    What’s your favourite THB treat: all of them? 🤣 I love a donut though and the cute new designs that come out in the seasonal monthly boxes! 🍩

    What do you like about THB: I love how much work and effort Paulina puts into every bake and order! She puts so much into this business to deliver the best products to pups and using the best quality ingredients! And also the support from all the incredible brand reps when Buzz was poorly - they became such a close group of people I could message at all hours - they really are the best 🤍

    Why did you decide to join our team: Paulina and Atlas were one of our first friends on Instagram so of course we had to support them on their venture of THB! We love the treatos and delivery is our favourite day every month! 🥰


    What’s your name: Charlotte

    How did you choose your dog's name (does it have a meaning): we honestly found out we we’re getting Buzz so last minute! Our friends went to see and pick up his brother and we ended up saying we’d get Buzz on the day! We were looking at his photo and the name ‘Buzz’ came up and that was it, he became Buzz! It was also the only name we didn’t both disagree on 🤣

    What is the best thing about your dog: his personality- how he’s grown into the cheeky pup that he is, always curious and playful, he gives the best cuddles and kisses and everything just brightens up wherever he is 

    What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner: we both work shift work with our jobs so sometimes I feel so guilty when we have to leave Buzz on his own for a period of time - he probably loves it getting up to whatever he wants and his grandma comes to visit him as she lives around the corner so he’s very happy but I do get ‘dog mum guilt’ when we have to leave him 🥺

    What is the most rewarding thing about being a pet owner: everything about it! He’s completed our little family and it feels like he’s been with us forever! I love having my mini shadow and coming home to his smiley face, the snuggles and how he’s just his own wonderful character, I couldn’t imagine our family any other way 🤍


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